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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy (like pillows), but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star reviews and lots of ’em) products and single out the most convincing. While we’ve written before about the best rolling luggage according to frequent travelers, we dove back in to find the best-reviewed rolling luggage — including both carry-ons and checked bags — on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

“I purchased this suitcase about a year ago when I started a new job that would involve travel every three months or so. I settled on this one because the construction is solid and the suitcase is lined with pockets. I’ve taken this suitcase for 1–2 week trips to places like Tokyo, Bristol, Amsterdam, Toronto, and to overnight and weekend trips. This is absolutely the best suitcase I’ve ever owned. Don’t believe anyone who tells you this is only good for overnights. Learn how to pack, do a little sink laundry, and you can travel indefinitely with this thing. This suitcase has fit under the seat of every single regular sized plane I’ve been in and in overheads of smaller commuter jets.”

“I’m a flight attendant so I use this small bag almost daily. So far I’ve had it for a month and it’s holding up very well — I love it! Its narrow frame rolls down even the narrowest aisles very easily and it fits under the seat, even when pretty fully packed. It has SO many compartments, even a removable compartment that can be used for bathroom toiletries. The only thing I feel this is missing are a few slots for pen holders, but no biggie. Even when packed to the brim, it can be lifted from the two straps, and even held on the shoulder, if you have small shoulders. I’ve found that several of my fellow crewmates have this bag (some even have more than one) and everyone loves it. I’m thinking of buying another for a backup. All in all, great buy.”

“I purchased this suitcase when getting ready for a last-minute trip to Las Vegas. I looked at a lot of them but really wanted to try a hard case. I am extremely glad I did! The suitcase color is exactly as shown, the quality surpasses my expectation considering I only paid $40 and received free shipping. I have since used it three other times, twice when flying. It is so easy to handle with the 360 degree swivel wheels. It is extremely lightweight which is important as when I fly alone I don’t have my husband to help me lift it into the overhead compartment, which, by the way, it fits perfectly. I especially love the expandable option because I am one who ALWAYS takes far more than I need but it accommodates plenty of clothes, shoes and even toiletries. Overall, I would highly recommend this item as it has quality as well as incredible value.”

“This is a great spinner. I have now taken it on seven different flights and it still looks brand new. Furthermore, compared to the carry-on of the masses, it looks conservative in size and fits in pretty much every overhead bin. (If you fly on CRJ-200s a lot, it might not fit there, but what does?) The inside of the bag offers some excellent zipper flaps so that you can pack dirty stuff in one area and clean in the other. So while this might not be a larger spinner bag, it can hold a ton, and it certainly takes a beating and keeps on trucking. Plus you won’t get the evil eye from the gate agents for toting it around, especially when they see how much smaller it appears than the other bags being taken as carry on. I’d highly recommend this to anyone.”

“Perfect! Got this for a last minute trip from Houston to Cabo. I wanted a color that would stand out, and it does. It is very lightweight and fits perfectly in the carry-on sizing box for United Airlines. It swivels every which way, so you can pull it behind you, beside you, or push it. The lock is TSA approved and easy to set. It expands nicely, which even with three days of beach clothes and books and accessories I didn’t need to do.”

“I bought this because my Surface Pro was cracked on a long0haul flight when some dude shoved his clearly too big for carry-on into the overhead and right up against my bag. I decided that wasn’t happening again. I love the hidden compartment in the middle of this bag that thoroughly protects whatever you put in there. It carries quite a lot as well. You could easily use it as a weekender bag. It fits the carry-on size requirements for both Delta and American Airlines.”

“I absolutely love this spinner. I used it on international flight and was amazed at how easily it maneuvered and how lightweight it was, while keeping my belongings safe and secure. I moved easily from one side of the airport to the other. Perfect size for short trips. No issues going through security. Fit in the overhead compartments easily. Looks great too. Excellent value. I have a larger version for longer trips. I have made seven international flights in the past ten months. They are holding up nicely. You can’t go wrong with a spinner!”

“I’ve had this suitcase for about a month, and taken it on one pretty serious trip so far: ten days, in and out of various hotels and cities, two flights. This bag was PERFECT. It made my trip SO much easier than it would’ve been with my older, clunkier carry-on. This suitcase is light and compact, so I was sure it would always fit in overhead bins, on trains, and in trunks, but it somehow has enough interior space for me, a woman who brings four pairs of shoes on a ten-day trip. I had this and a backpack and had plenty of space for all my things. I purchased a bag strap with this that allows me to attach a backpack or other bag to the top of this bag, and this system had me zooming through airports and down sidewalks with ease! Honestly, I didn’t know I could ever love a suitcase, but I love this one. I hope it holds up as well as other reviews indicate, because I’d like to enjoy it for a long time to come.”

“Well-designed bag. On the outside, there are three pockets total. On the front, one large pocket will fit a 13-inch laptop, and the pocket above that is smaller and is useful for chargers, cords, and your documents. The third outside pocket is on the side of the luggage and is used to store a portable power unit. Inside there is a USB cord, which leads to a port on the back of the luggage. Nice touch! Inside, there is the main compartment, which has two straps and buckles. The bag rolls very easily. The handle extends and retracts easily, band has good length for a relatively small bag. Well-designed, good-looking, functional.”

“I really like this suitcase, especially for the price. It looks good and the build quality feels nice … I recently used my AmazonBasics spinner as checked baggage on a roundtrip flight from L.A. to Sacramento, with a five-day stay, and was very happy to have it. It worked well, held up beautifully, and the orange color is easily visible which is awesome when picking up your checked luggage. The only thing I don’t like is that the texture on the outside surface doesn’t allow me to plaster the suitcase with stickers to suit the whims of my inner child. Some stickers will work but I’ve tried a few that just slide right off. If you’re a casual traveler who only occasionally flies or enjoys road trips, this is a fantastic piece of luggage.”

“I’ve had this piece of luggage for about a month and have used it on a few flights. The wheels roll very smoothly, even on carpet. My 5-year-old is always anxious to help and wants to carry my bags. I let him have this bag, and he moves it with no problems, even when it’s loaded with 60 pounds of stuff. You can fit so much in this case, it’s crazy. I’ve put a week’s worth of clothes, a pair of work boots, my laptop bag (with laptop in it), five-pound jar of whey protein supplement, and a bunch of other stuff. I usually have to check two bags when I fly, but since I’ve bought the Samsonite Omni, I can go with only one, which saves money in baggage fees. I’ve already gotten a return on my investment by saving on baggage fees alone. You can’t go wrong with this.”

“Excellent luggage. Just took it to Mexico. Initially, I felt that this suitcase was a little flimsy, but it holds up well. It only had a few scuffs and scratches. I was able to easily put 50 pounds in it and there was plenty of room for more. The spinners are a great feature also. My 4-year-old sat on top while I pushed the luggage all the way through the airport. The product was shipped very fast, and it was nicely packaged. The suitcase weighs about 11 pounds. TSA lock was easy to use. It would have been nice to have an additional pocket on the outside and maybe a place to write your name, etc. Overall, very happy with the product!”

“I bought this to replace a 29-inch Samsonite bag that we’ve had (and used) for 16 years. We first used it on a trip from the east coast to Honolulu and Kauai and back, and it held up well. It’s only one trip, so we’ll see how it does in the long run. I really like the blue color; it stood out among all the black bags on the baggage carousal. It’s very light given its size, and it holds a LOT. It seems a bit roomier than our old 29-inch Samsonite. We (my husband and I) were able to pack all our clothes and stuff needed for our nine-day trip with room to spare. And you can expand it! (I doubt we’d ever need to.) The shell is very lightweight and yet seemed to do a good job protecting our things. The handle slides in and out easily, but the best thing about this bag is the wheels. In Honolulu, we had to roll this bag from one end of the airport to the opposite end (quite a distance) and it was very easy. I definitely recommend this suitcase for anyone looking for a large, sturdy suitcase that is easy to roll.”

“This is a really, really nice suitcase for the price. The design is rather brilliant: The case reduces in depth as it travels up toward the top, so it’s less prone to tipping over, but the expansion zipper offsets this decreasing depth by expanding toward the top, yielding a true rectangle when expansion is needed, so the volume ends up self-balancing. Really clever. Great materials, solid construction, nice handle, good handle extension, spacious internal and external zippered storage pockets, expansive internal straps, useful external handles, [and] built-in luggage tag holder.”

“High-quality bag for longer trips. Brought it internationally on a week-long trip a few weeks ago and it had no problem accommodating all of my stuff. Well-balanced and easy to grab off the carousel, wheel around without falling down, and shove into trunks. The lightweight structure is less of a big deal in these types of bags, but it’s still worth paying attention to with the increasing cost of over-limit fees. As a consultant, I travel a lot. I have paid attention to the brands the flight crew used and 90 percent of them always used Travelpro. I’ve used them constantly for the past five years or so and have found them to be some of the best, most durable, reliable bags on the market.”

“If you want a lightweight spinner in the 25-inch class, this is the one to get. Unbelievably, this 25-inch Travelpro Maxlite 4 weighs exactly the same as my 21-inch Travelpro spinner that is NOT a Maxlite. Capacity is what you’d expect from a 25-inch suitcase. I used it on a three-week land-and-sea cruise in Canada and Alaska in May, so I had a couple jackets, a suit, plus lots of casual wear, and could have taken more. Also, if you’re in the market for new luggage, in my opinion, a spinner is the ONLY way to go (unless you don’t want wheels at all). Even on cobblestones, you can still tilt it and pull it like any other 2wo-wheeled suitcase, but on smooth roads and floors (e.g., airports!), a spinner relieves almost all the muscle strain of pulling. Better yet, it isn’t prone to tilting over as you turn corners. Any spinner is good, but at this price, Travelpro’s is the best.”

“This thing is HUGE! I recently sent our daughter off to a two-week camp and everything she needed (and lots she didn’t) fit into the bag including her sleeping bag and pillow. She could have taken her stuffed animal collection, it was so big. The bag is well made, heavy duty, lots of rollers which is good since, with everything in it, it is too heavy for her to carry so she has to wheel it. But everything is in one HUGE bag that still actually fit into my SUV. This is a good bag and a lot less expensive than smaller bags at the camping gear retailers.”

“I love this set. It is amazing what you can fit into the rolling suitcase. I just went on a trip and was able to put a week worth of clothes in there, plus my Nike sneakers so I could still workout a the hotel. The carry bag fits a lot of stuff as well and has enough compartments to put your wallet, passport, personal items, etc. I love the color, but most of all I love the handle. Sometimes I think the handles on rolling suitcases can be short but this one is nice and long. I am five-foot-seven and I did not have to bend down due to a short handle. With this one, I was able to stand straight up. In addition, the handle moves up and down very easily.”

“Bought this three-piece luggage set for a long trip abroad. The hard shell withstood the plane, train, metro, and cab rides and still looks brand new. The inside zippers glided effortlessly, and the inside lining is very sturdy. I have spent a lot of money over the years to replace all level of quality and price luggage for my extensive travels. I can say by far that this was the best experience with luggage I have had to date. At one point, on a cab ride, the back door of the van opened and the carry-on suitcase flew out onto the street. The suitcase slid on the asphalt for about half a block. When we recovered the suitcase the contents were intact (including my husband’s work laptop), and the suitcase had a small scratch on the side but was otherwise fine. I expected a crack on the outside or something else to be wrong, but no, the spinner wheels and handle worked perfectly. I would highly recommend this luggage set for its easy of use, lightweight, sturdy materials and the nice colors available make them easy to spot amid the luggage sea. I am very happy with my great investment!”

“I can’t say enough good things about this line from Samsonite! Since purchasing them a year ago to replace my older luggage, I’ve taken them all over Brazil, all over Argentina, Singapore a dozen times, Bangkok at least once a month for the last two years, Ho Chi Minh, all over Cambodia, and of course on trips around the U.S. Through it all the handles have held up, despite the larger two consistently weighing in at 70 pounds, and the carry-on frequently tipping the scale at close to 40 pounds, and the wheels are still in amazing shape. The bags also look fantastic given them beating they get! There are a few scratches here and there and I’ve frequently gotten a bag back with a corner smashed in, but it always pops right back into place with no issues, and the contents are always safe and secure. The locks are still in perfect working order. The handles still slide in and out easily and feel solid when locked into place. All of the zippers work perfectly.”

“Don’t let the low cost of this luggage deter you from purchasing it. It is extremely durable, and we’ve had the same set for over four years! We only purchased another set because we needed more large bags for traveling. Great value for the price.”

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Every product is independently selected by (obsessive) editors. Things you buy through our links may earn New York a commission.

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