The 4th of July is right around the corner and summer is in full swing, so it’s prime time for one of our favorite activities: grilling. It’s hard to choose one “best” grill as we like different styles for different reasons, so we’ve rounded up several options to fit every need and grilling style. Looking for an everyday workhorse? Get a classic Weber. Rather try your hand at becoming a serious BBQ master? Get your hands on a wood pellet grill and smoker. Our Senior Food Editor Mary-Frances Heck shared some of the best grilling equipment she’s used. Read on for some of our favorite grills you can buy, and what to make with them.

An easy top pick for a charcoal grill, the classic Weber can do pretty much everything you’d really want a grill for, and more. Though propane grills are bigger and easy to ignite, the flavor that comes from those heated coals is frankly just better (try grilling pizza, you’ll thank us later). Not sure how to get the coals going quickly? A charcoal chimney ($17 at Amazon) is the best method.

Step it up with a multi-function pit barrel, meant for doing it all. There’s a fire pit function, warming rack, regular barbecue pit, as well as a tall section for hanging cuts of meat of your choice and smoking them to perfection. It can also be dismantled to function as a portable grill for tailgates, the park or even the beach.

The lid, bowl and center of this smoker are all porcelain enameled so they won’t rust or peel. There’s a temperature monitor so you can tailor the heat to your exact needs, and it comes in three sizes depending on how much capacity you need. (See: Pork Shoulder Recipes)

Grill things hot and fast or low and slow with this versatile grill, complete with side table and 300 square inches of cooking space (yes, that’ll fit a Thanksgiving turkey). The cast aluminum construction conducts heat faster than standard steel grills. The hundreds of five-star reviews say it all. (Try one of our 33 best burger recipes)

If you want the true taste of campfire cooking, the KUDU system is a great option. It has stainless steel grill grates, multi-level cooking surfaces, and can also function as a fire pit. If you want to get all your dinner elements done at once, this is the go-to grill.

If you need huge cooking capacity and want to smoke meat for a crowd (shall we say, 5 racks of ribs?), this tool is all you need. Ditch the gas and charcoal and go purely wood-fired with precision temperature control. There’s also a warming drawer to keep everything ready to serve.

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The most fuel efficient and a master of high heat, the Kamado Joe is an investment for those serious about their grilling and smoking setup. If you’re a regular rib and meat smoker, this is the tool to buy. (Yes, Chrissy Teigen has one too).

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