The transformation of fashion and design has driven women to un-imaginary lengths to stand out. In Nigeria, most women desire to look exceptional and exquisite without losing their African touch. Designers have thus come up with unique pieces such as the lace, which has rapidly been embraced according to the latest lace styles 2019. These are so many amazing designs that will blow your mind.

This trend has been assimilated in many codes. It can be placed on dresses, skirts and tops. It has that chic but simple look which makes you look elegant. The ladies both young and old, thus, rock this style to various events such as weddings due to the royalty the attire oozes. Do not be left behind and get to know some of the latest lace styles 2019 that you can include in your wardrobe catalogue.

Trendy lace styles in Nigeria have revamped fashion in the country. Most ladies are now flowing with the trend and designing lacy clothes. Designers, on the other hand, have ensured they have ample latest lace styles where one can choose from. They are also flexible enough to accommodate different clients’ views and fashion preferences.

It is, however, advisable for you to consider some things before designing your attire. Some include the skin colour tone, fabric colour, body shape and size, design and type of fabric. These details will ensure that you are comfortable with the latest style for lace that you will select. The material styles, however, are different. There are those incorporated in tops, dresses and skirts. Some are even a mix of Ankara and other fabrics. Below are some of the latest lace styles 2019 in Nigeria that you should consider.

The dress has a feminine and composed look that makes you feel like royalty. It is a classic dress that has a magical fairy touch and feeling. It can be worn in weddings, a dinner date or a formal party.

The red look on the dress has a beautiful and chic appearance. It portrays you as a fierce but calm soul. It is also unique, leaving all eyes glued to you. The look can be accompanied by a pleasant shade of red lipstick, a golden necklace, some white or black heels and a pretty clutch bag. The outfit is no doubt one that will keep them saying “hello” for no particular reason, but the glamour of the dress.

The two colours have a way of making you express two personalities at once. The white lace shows a cute nature while the red completes the whole look by bringing in an independent or fierce appearance. The look also has that modern and classy touch that makes you stand out amidst other women. You can also wear it with a red or white gele or a gold necklace.

A green lace dress can be worn in different styles. It can be a gown or a lace robe, which is worn with a coloured dress inside. For the case of the gown, any woman who has an eye for fashion can identify the uniqueness and alluring beauty of this style. You can have it as an off-shoulder design or one arm and still look stunning. The gorgeous outfit can also be worn with zero or minimized accessories and still have women asking about the unique style of the dress.

Regarding the green lacy robe, you can wear black or yellow clothing. However, make sure the colour you choose coordinates well with green. The aim is to look sophisticated, and you should ensure to make that possible.

If you are planning to attend a night event, a dinner date or a wedding you can wear this dress. It will go well with your dark skin, and it glows and puts you on the spotlight.

There are those trends that became outdated after a while, but this is not one of them. To modify this look, you can include a touch of sunny yellow and an off-shoulder design or the one arm style. This two create a vibrant look that makes you the centre of attention in any gathering or event.

Peplum is one design that most ladies love. It brings out their curvy body shape and covers any flaws on their waist, bringing out that perfect look. A peplum dress whether a high low, short or long usually makes your waist trim due to the belt. It also displays you as a composed lady and one who has her act together. Your mode of dressing cannot define you, but the peplum look gives you a moment to shine in royalty and chicness.

Women usually like their curves wells shaped by their outfits. They thus choose colours and outfits design that accomplishes the same. A black long lacy dress with short or long sleeves is a perfect description of such an attire. It is one outfit that speaks for itself even without a lot of accessories. The lacy material, whether on top or at the bottom of the dress, also adds a refined touch. It also generates a new feel of the colour black, which is known to be worn on sad occasions.

Nigeria is widely known for its trendy wearing of Ankara. They wear it on special occasions and also in normal circumstances. The look has, however, been revamped by incorporating the lacy look. The lacy ankara designs can also be used on dresses and skirts to bring that modern feel. The Ankara style is very calm and classy, and ladies have not given a blind eye to this. It is commonly worn by bridesmaids, fashion icons and middle-aged women who have fallen for the look.

White lace gowns are cool, and they reflect well on whoever is wearing the outfit. Many people include other colours to dull the white, but the whole white theme is still epic. Laces, on the one hand, have that effect of making a dress or skirt more glamorous. It makes it look less dull but classier and diverse.

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In some cases, the white gown can be a long skirt with a white top. The top can be one arm or even a down bear back. This look is effortless but sophisticated.

Most of the styles for ladies have evolved over the years, and in the modern fashion world, they have broken the monotony of plain gowns, dresses, tops and skirts. Their elegance has attracted most of the ladies. Latest lace styles 2019 have also continued to increase as women are still changing their wardrobes to include these new appealing trends.

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